Healthy Under 5s

We are proud to be recognised as a Healthy Under 5s setting and we are constantly striving to promote healthy lifestyles in the children from a young age.
Each morning we offer children a snack which includes a portion of carbohydrate and a choice of fruits and vegetables, some days snack may include either a portion of dairy or protein. Children are offered milk or water to drink. In the afternoon we offer fresh fruits or vegetables and milk or water for snack.
Our latest snack menu 
Week 1
Monday Wholemeal Pitta and Mackerel Pate
Tuesday English Muffin
Wednesday Cracker and Cheese
Thursday Wholemeal Toast and Boiled Egg
Friday Rice Cake and Plain Yogurt
Week 2
Monday Crumpet and Plain Yogurt
Tuesday Wholemeal Toast and Peanut Butter
Wednesday Breadsticks and Hummus
Thursday Oatcakes and Cheese
Friday Wholemeal Wrap
A selection of 4 or 5 fresh fruits and vegetables are offered every snack time, and milk or water for drink.

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