*PARENT CONSULTATION ON PADSTOW PRESCHOOL NOW LIVE* Click on Links & Downloads below for more information

Padstow Nursery - Parent Consultation

Consultation on the proposed status change for Padstow School and Padstow Pre-school

We would like to inform and consult with parents, prospective parents and the wider Padstow early years community of the proposed plans for Padstow School and Padstow Pre School.

The two organisations have always worked closely together but we have now submitted an application to the Department for Education for Padstow Pre School to close as a committee run single entity and to transfer under the management of Padstow School and the Aspire Academy Trust.

This move will result in a change of funded ages at Padstow School from 4-11 years at current to 2-11 years.

We hope this move:

  • Sustains a strong working relationship between the nursery and the school
  • Provides greater educational opportunities for our children with an enhanced transition between the nursery and the academy
  • Provides greater development and retention opportunities for our staff
  • Provides stability and confidence to the parents and community for maintaining strong nursery provision in the town of Padstow

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we are not able to hold a stakeholder meeting in person to discuss the process but we still welcome any feedback that you have as this is extremely important to us.

We therefore ask that if you have any feedback, please email hello@padstowschool.org by Friday 12th February and we will be happy to respond accordingly.