A HUGE thank you to everyone for their support and kind comments over the last two days of Ofsted. We will publish the report as soon as it is available.


Mr M Taylor

Class Teacher

Mrs S Beaumont

Teaching assisstant

Miss K A Warren

Teaching Assisstant

Welcome to Cormorant Class - our Year 3 and Year 4 class. 

The Cormorant classroom door will be open for children to arrive each morning from 8:35am until 8:50am.  Any child arriving after this time will need to sign in at the school office as the register will have closed. School dinner requests are recorded alongside the attendance register. 

On arrival, children are expected to put their belongings away tidily and begin their Early Morning Activity promptly which will be detailed on the whiteboard or out on their tables ready.

Children can be collected from 3:15pm at the classroom door, unless written permission has been given to the school for them to walk home alone. 

Polite request: Please ensure all items of school uniform and PE kit are labelled with your child's name.

 On this page you will find:
  • Homework
  • A termly overview
  • Copies of letters we send home for you to view/download
Autumn 2 - Tribal Tales
Introduction to Tribal Tales.
The children returned from the half term break and were teleported to the Stone Age. The children were taught about the tools and weapons that were used. The children tried to make their own but this was a difficult task and not all of the tools survived our tests. It was really interesting comparing those days to now. We all had a super day. 
Autumn 1 - Scrumdiddlyumptious
During our topic of scrumdiddlyupmtious, the children found a golden ticket in a Wonka bar. This meant that they were able to have a chocolate factory day within the classroom. The children painted their favourite rooms in the chocolate factory. Some of the children decided to invent their own rooms. It was a fantastic day. 
The children were discovering where we get different foods such as bananas and chocolate. Furthermore, the children learnt about different countries and their strange delicacies such as maggoty cheese from Italy, haggis from Scotland and escargot from France. 
During our science lessons, the children have been learning about careful and accurate observations. We combined this topic with art and the children produced super observational drawings of fruit. 
During this RE lesson, the children were acting out their interpretations of a commandment. It was great to combine RE and drama to produce these freeze frames. 
The children were drawing cave pictures outside of the classroom and making Stone Age tools.