“Creativity takes courage.”

Henri Matisse. 1905


Art and Design


At Padstow School we will strive to provide our children with a rich and creative Art and Design curriculum using the National Curriculum and Cornerstones. This includes opportunities to build their knowledge of interesting and key aspects of art history and consider them in relation to local and current art.


This is alongside regularly being given opportunity to experiment, review and revisit a broad range of skills. This will be through activities that reflect the wealth of creativity in Padstow and Cornwall, providing a path for the children to experience, and develop respect for, the vibrant culture of our nation.


Through independent practice and guided skills, children will build their resilience and determination to achieve their artistic aspirations. Through viewing great works of art for pleasure, and informed discussion of how art makes them feel and react, children build perceptive views and opinions informed by their deepening critical thinking skills.



To build a curriculum where the children of Padstow School have their learning and life enriched by developing their artistic skills of creativity and for them to experience joy by being enabled to access and thrive in the artistic world.

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