The aim of Religious Education (RE) at Padstow School is to help pupils to engage confidently, constructively and reflectively with beliefs, values and lifestyles in a religiously diverse world.  We learn about religion and from religion.

We are not a faith school, but we value our children's moral and spiritual development.  Above all, we aim to develop our children as respectful, tolerant and questioning citizens of the world.

RE is taught as required, from the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014 which aims to nurture pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

At Padstow, we develop children’s knowledge and understanding of some of the major world faiths by exploring the beliefs, values and traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.  Pupils consider the religious experiences, feelings and influences of the different faiths on their followers and explore their own beliefs, sense of identity and belonging and questions of meaning.  In accordance with requirements, 60% of RE time each year is spent studying Christianity and the remaining 40% learning about THE other four religions. 

R.E. is delivered through integration into class topic work and discrete R.E lessons as well as through assemblies and collective worship.  Through the use of IT, educational visits, artefacts and workshops with members of different faiths, we enhance our children’s understanding of our multicultural society and encourage respect and sensitivity towards other people and their beliefs.

Children may be withdrawn from RE and collective worship on religious grounds, at parental request. Should you wish to discuss this, please inform the Head of School in writing.

Religious Education is carefully planned in accordance with Cornwall’s agreed syllabus, the details of which can be found at SACRE's RE Advice and Guidance page on the Cornwall Council site. The content has been prepared by the Cornwall Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education.