‘Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.’

Stephen Gardiner. 2015


Design and Technology


Design and Technology plays an integral part of our modern lives and here at Padstow School we want to impress upon the children this importance together with the children’s key role in developing solutions for their future.


Through an inspiring curriculum, we want to facilitate children to fuse their imagination and creativity with practical skills to bring ideas to life. They will become aware of Cornwall’s importance in global technological breakthroughs, such as space travel and environmental issues. They will practise their skills of innovation and resourcefulness tackling real and relevant problems related to their own and others’ needs.


The curriculum will include nutritional and cooking experience, focussing on the children’s designs and wishes for their future health and linking to Padstow’s global reputation as a ‘foodie’ destination and home to several celebrity chefs.



To provide exciting opportunities for the children to regularly plan, design, make, review and revisit key Design and Technology skills using a wide range of ideas and materials.

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