Pupil Premium

 Pupil Premium is an amount of money paid to the school in order to ensure the best possible provision for pupils from ALL backgrounds.

The money is used by the school  to secure educational outcomes and to ensure that no gaps exist between the performance of pupils from different backgrounds.

The pupil premium allocation is made automatically for any child recorded at school as being entitled to free school meals, being in the care of the local authority, or having a parent in the armed forces.

The school is expected to report on the impact of its pupil premium funding in relation to its entitled pupils progress and achievement.

We spend our pupil premium allocation in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, it is there to ensure that each child who is entitled to the funding is making good academic progress and achieving outcomes at least in line with their peers.

We do this by providing additional lessons in school, support from our pupil premium coach, additional teaching assistant support, individual homework packages and occasionally, 1:1 teaching support.

For more information on whether your child might be entitled to Pupil Premium Support, or on how we spend our Pupil Premium, please click on the links below. 

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