Ethos, Aims & Values

We want to be a school where: 
Children learn to embrace the wider world with confidence;
Every day is an opportunity to question and discover;
We will be fearless and embrace mistakes;
There is no cap on potential;
Children recognise their value to the community and the world.
Mission statement:
What we do:
We make a difference.
We nurture individuality.
We teach with pride, passion and purpose.
We spark an interest in every child.
We teach children to be independent thinkers.
We inspire ambition and a passion to achieve.
We thrive on kindness, resilience and aspiration.
Our Core Values:

Aspirations - achieve the best for ourselves and others, to imagine possibilities and make them real. 

Spirit – demonstrating the courage of our convictions, with energy and determination.

Passion - enthusiastic and committed to seek opportunity, pursue talents and interests.

Integrity – honest with ourselves and others in all that we do.

Resilience - to overcome obstacles and reach success.

Excellence – in all we do. 


Padstow School
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