At Padstow, it is our intent that we pass on and nurture the sheer joy that music can bring, enriching each pupil’s learning experience. We encourage all our pupils to become involved in our school musical life and to have the opportunity to experiment and be creative. Our mantra is our pupils should be ‘doing music’ as much as possible.
Singing is at the core of our music curriculum and the wider community. We strive to help our pupils to build the confidence to sing in a group, to begin to sing in harmony, develop a good understanding of musical terminology as well as the resilience to try and try again.
To become good listeners is an important skill we teach them through our delivery of the music curriculum. We teach them to be open-minded in their listening, to listen critically, to concentrate and to listen to a wide range of music. This helps them to become confident and creative composers and performers.
To build a musical curriculum where every young person can experience music which develops learning and enriches our pupils individually as well as a school’s wider community. Pupils should be ‘doing music’ as much as possible.

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