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Chadwick, Harvey & MacFarlane

Our houses are named after Padstow lifeboats and have a colour as indicated below:
HARVEY: 12 September 1901 - Arrival of the Edmund Harvey 
CHADWICK: 30 November 1952 - Arrival of the James Hiram Chadwick
MACFARLANE: 20 October 1967 - Arrival of the James and Catherine MacFarlane
HARVEY by Trevor Sharpe
A pulling and sailing lifeboat intended for use primarily under sail, and usually worked in conjunction with the steam tug Helen Peele.
CHADWICK by Trevor Sharpe
A 52 foot Barnett-class self-righting displacement hull lifeboat.
MacFarlane by Trevor Sharpe
A 48 foot 6 inch Oakley class self righting lifeboat designed for slipway launching or to lie afloat.